Resolving the Issue and Rebuilding Trust

Part I

If you’re able to have a constructive exchange with your partner—one in which your partner can listen and acknowledge what you have to say—we’ve designed an eight-step process that will help the two of you resolve the issue and rebuild trust. Because betrayals have a common structure, they also have a common solution. Although the specific details vary based on the nature of the betrayal you experienced, the basic process involved in building trust is the same.

We’ll help you work through the steps involved. In doing so, we’ve intentionally kept our advice straightforward and to the point. While our presentation is simple, however, the process is far from simple or easy. Rebuilding trust requires a great deal of patience, understanding, and cooperation. As we lay out a road map of the conversations you’ll need to have with your partner, we know that you’ll probably run into obstacles unique to your specific situation. It’s our hope that you’ll participate in the online community through the website that accompanies this book ( to find solutions to the specific challenges that emerge depending on the details of the betrayal you’ve encountered.