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Oh zoomom he sounds just like my husband! He keeps telling me I am acting crazy and being mean to him when he is the one who is so emotionally distant and acts like I’m a stranger. You are not overreacting at all and your anxiety is caused by your picking up on his  emotional distance from you. Don’t let him make you feel that it’s you or your imagination. Your intuition is telling you the truth I am sure of it. When I confronted my husband and he denied it he tried to make me believe I was over anxious and possessive when I am not that person. When I did some research on the net and reading books about affairs this is what all the cheaters do, they try to blame their spouse to take the spotlight off them. With my husband I am sure the other woman also tells him things to say or do and/or criticises me as he’s so much nicer when he’s been away from her.  I am sure her motive is to split us up and I hate her for it. I also don’t want her to win, to take my husband and the life we have built together away. How anyone could ever do that to another woman I don’t understand.  It’s pure evil.