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Thank you, and sorry for the novel you read, or skimmed thru.  LOL (I wouldn’t blame you.)

I am fully aware of past trust issues I’ve had before this relationship.  And did everything I could to ensure she (current) was aware of them also.  And with that, tried to explain how important being completely honest with me was from the start.  (After the work incident, I was sure she understood).  However the discovery that she thought my problem with that event was the fact that she was flirting with me being present was a real shot to the heart of realism.  It’s like this entire time she didn’t even understand me and what my “issues” were/are.

Then add in the history, and her speaking about individuals and sharing stories (non-sexual) about them.  Yet concealing the truth knowingly, is hard to come to grips with.  Can you help explain why one would do something of that nature?  It’s one thing in my opinion to conceal, withhold, and lie about your past.  But to bring certain individuals up in conversations without being asked about them, or even mentioned by myself or anyone else.  I can’t quite come to terms with that?

Also, I’m very aware that I / we need to see a counselor / therapist to help with the issues at hand.  We are actively seeking means to do so.

Thank you for your insight and I appreciate your knowledge and time on the matters.  Mine and everyone that is going thru such hard times.