A Partner’s Betrayal Doesn’t Have to Define Your Relationship

Broken Trust Book CoverDiscovering a betrayal almost always brings out intense emotions such as loss, fear, sadness, shock, and disappointment. These feelings are to be expected when someone you love betrays your trust.

Although you’re going through a difficult time right now, we want to offer you some reassurance. If the situation is handled effectively, couples can not only recover from broken trust but actually grow closer and stronger in the process. In fact, research shows that even major betrayals such as infidelity are possible to overcome.

The key to working through an intimate betrayal is learning how to communicate with your partner in a way that promotes truthfulness and understanding. Although such conversations are difficult to manage, our book provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to honestly discuss the issue with your partner and find a resolution to the problem at hand.

Broken Trust provides a research-based approach to help you:

  • Cope with your emotions
  • Break out of an endless series of confrontations and denials
  • Get your partner to tell you the truth and be less defensive
  • Take the necessary steps to rebuild trust
  • Create a more loving and compassionate relationship

We’re confident our approach will help you better understand the betrayal you’re going through and give you the tools you need to strengthen and repair your relationship.

Praise for Broken Trust

“Love is not enough: we need trust, too. Yet all too often, partners violate that trust. Why does this happen? Can your relationship’s foundation be repaired, or is it wiser to leave? And if you stay, how can you restore your damaged trust? Regardless of the type of betrayal, authors Tim Cole and Emily Duddleston use research, examples, and activities to help couples become closer, stronger, and wiser than before. Broken Trust is indispensable—the go-to resource I’m recommending for my own clients who are working through betrayals and their inevitable but conquerable aftermath.”

Duana C. Welch, PhD
Author of Love Factually

“When trust has been broken in a relationship, the future can feel hopeless. Dr. Cole and Ms. Duddleston provide a well-thought out, research-based approach on how to tackle this issue as a couple. I highly recommend this book for couples who want to make an earnest effort to see if trust can be rebuilt.”

Caroline Madden, PhD
Author of After a Good Man Cheats


Broken Trust has been incredibly helpful in the communication process. We are currently going to counseling… but I believe this book has had a far greater impact and helped us make greater strides in the rebuilding process of our relationship.”

Karen C., 46
Spokane, WA

“Not only sheds light on what you are experiencing both individually and as a couple, but also helps you navigate through the necessary steps to rebuild your relationship.”

Trenton C., 38
Baton Rouge, LA

“If you think your marriage is in trouble and it’s a trust issue, read Broken Trust before you do anything, say anything, or make any decisions.”

Todd K., 33
Garden Grove, CA

“Down-to-earth, profound yet very readable and engaging. I’d recommend Broken Trust unhesitatingly to anyone looking for personal growth within a relationship.”

Carolyn S., 57
Fort Pierre, SD

“I wish I had access to this information years ago. It would have made a big difference in how I handled a serious intimate betrayal and likely saved my husband and I years of heartache.”

Emma S., 48
Tulsa, OK

“This was the first book that made me clearly see the basis of communication difficulties. Thank you so much. I am grateful that I stumbled across such a great find.”

Samantha S., 30
Newark, NJ

“Definitely a go-to problem solver for couples who want to work things out.”

Ellen V., 65
Bakersfield, CA

Broken Trust was most helpful by shedding light on how I reacted on my emotions, which led him to be defensive in our talks that always led to arguments. I’ve learned how to word things, to really listen, to take how he feels into perspective, and not just make it about my feelings alone.”

Sandi E., 40
Dallas, TX

“I can honestly say that no one book or even counseling session has had such a positive effect on my husband, me and our relationship. My husband read Broken Trust before I did and immediately started implementing the activities and methods of communication outlined in the chapters. It is like talking to a new man. I could not be more grateful for this book and how it has positively impacted our relationship.”

Nicole S., 29
Tampa, FL

“A must-read, even for those couples who haven’t experienced a betrayal so that they can learn ways to strengthen their relationship.”

Lauren K., 47
Roanoke, VA

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